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The hall at the Wallaga Lake Koori Village was again packed for a concert that showcased the talents of community members. The Grow the Music concert returned for its fifth year on Sunday, April 14 and featured performances from Roy Jugadai of the Docker River Band, Matt Walker as well as people of all ages who worked in the lead-up with the Grow the Music team. For Walker, who grew up at Wallaga Lake, it was a very special event – especially to see the children from the community perform. “It was a great day, I absolutely loved it,” he said after he had returned home to Wollongong on Monday. READ MORE: Grow the Music community concert 2017 exhibits talent of Wallaga Lake “To see the kids, it brought a tear to my eye. “The talent that’s in the community; what they are doing is giving the kids an opportunity to follow their dreams.” The Yuin singer-songwriter and guitar soloist was born in Pambula, raised in Eden and went to Wallaga for holidays, so said it was incredible to perform surrounded by family. While he is now 40, he has fond memories of being at the lake, going fishing or to the beach. READ MORE: Grow the Music unites Wallaga Lake Koori Village ‘ Photos In those days all the kids would do everything together, so 20 or 30 of them would walk down for a swim at a beach in Bermagui. “The kids yesterday reminded me of all of us, all hanging out the front playing and making a ruckus,” Walker said. “To play at that hall at Wallaga Lake is just massive for me. I’d rather play there than the WIN Stadium! “I just jumped in my car afterwards with tears in my eyes.” While Walker has been playing music since he was 12 – his parents and grandparents were all musicians – he only started performing on stage two years ago. READ MORE: Mic Conway on vaudeville, humour and life in Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band Since then he as played gigs constantly, even doing support for Archie Roach in Wollongong. He said concerts like Grow the Music gave youths confidence as well as provided activities they were interested in. “It gives opportunities for kids to showcase their talents,” he said. “Hopefully they can make a future out of music.”



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